Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MHLR #10 Tournament

fGm will be participating in the upcoming MHLR tournament that will be held this September and October. Our first match is with Ktn.Gaming. We'll hope that we will prevail as the better team than them. As four the tournament, we wish fGm team Good Luck. fGm FTW

Thursday, August 27, 2009

fGm Players Profile

Name: Muhammad Aiman bin Abdul Rahman

ID : n_ar

D.O.B : 21 March 1986

Ex-Team : fGm

Role : Supporter/Warder/Ganker

Fav Player : cP^ WinTEr

Played Since : 2005

Name : mohd irfan hasan

ID: huru-Hara

D.O.B : 10 July 1987

Ex-Team : fGm

Role : Ganker/Semi-ace

Fav Player: Miracle, Misery, Sakura

Played Dota : 2009

Name : Muhd Faris Syakirin

ID : gL.bo

D.O.B : 9 January 1990

Ex-Team : gL.

Role : Mid Gank/Carrier

Fav Player : Maelk, Ct-Monk3y

Played Dota : 2004

Name : Muhammad Anwarul Izuan bin Annuar

ID : gL.Kaos-l / fGm.DeJa^VuWaN

D.O.B : 20 February 1990

Ex-Team : gL.

Role : Supporter/Warder/Ganker

Fav Player : Vigoss, Maelk, Dignitas.Azen, Miracle

Played Dota : 2005

Name : Tahrir Nizamuddin bin Mohd Zaid

ID : tnz_ace

D.O.B : 8 March 1987

Ex-Team : fGm

Role : Ganker/Carrier

Fav player : tnz_ace

Played Dota : 2005

Name : Muhammad Hafiz bin Baharudin

ID : Lordkieyah

D.O.B : 20 October 1990

Ex-Team : gL.

Role : Mid Gank/Carrier/Supporter

Fav Player : Merlini

Played Dota : 2005

Name : Muhammad Mudzakhir bin Salahudin

ID : Lordmud

D.O.B : Unknown

Ex-Team : gL.

Role: Supporter/Warder

Fav Player : Lordkieyah

Played Dota : 2007

Sunday, August 23, 2009


fGm Wishes all with blessed Ramadhan!!=)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Current Roster of fGm

1. n_ar
7.HUru- Hara

Currently there are no first five player. We are playing on the rotation basis. Who perform the best during training every saturday at TOP GEAR will be grant first five slot. We are welcoming all talented players who are interested to add strength and depth to the team. But, I cant promise any first five slot in fgm, you must earn it by yourself!

Rebirth of fGm

fGm stands for Frekuensi Gelombang Malaya. This clan was founded by Aiman and Irfan back then. Now fGm is undergoing a "renaissance" phase with the merging of 4 players from gL. clan and 2 people from the original fGm team. We play competetive dota game. Our new leader Mohammad Aiman Abd Rahman is set to bring this CLAN to a whole new level of professional dota gaming. Wish all the best of luck. We will keep up to date. Thanks for reading.